Paths ’15

Call of the Wild, Song of the Wolf

With Jude and Kenneth

The Wild vs. “Civilized”, and what does it mean to re-integrate:

Join us as we answer the call of the wild and sing the song of the Wolf. In this path we hope to explore the tension between our tame and our wild parts. What calls us to our wild selves? What calls us to domesticity? What doth tame the savage beast and why? What do we value of “civilization” and how do we re-integrate our wild selves? What do we value of the wild and how do we re-wild our domesticated selves? What does it mean to move from one world to another? How do we align our parts?

The Lone Wolf and the Pack:

In this path we will also explore the tension between ways of being in community versus walking our own solo path. What does it mean to be the lone wolf? And how do we travel as a pack? How do we balance these needs and hold these tensions?

Howling at the moon:

We will explore what it means to be driven by instinct, inspired by and part of nature, to know spirit as inseparable. How do respond to hunger? What does it mean to instinctively hunt driven by our desire? What would be different if the voice of spirit arose in U.S. As simple as the urge to pee the longing to sleep and dream?

We plan to utilize ritual arts, theater of the oppressed, trance journey, aspecting and shamanic shape shifting techniques to explore these questions. We will also journal and discuss as well as come to explore these ideas and tensions through art, poetry, music. and song. We also hope to seek guidance from the Wolves and our wild selves as well the voices of the ancestors iand spirits of the land. We’d like to invite the camp to join us in an all night live action game of our co-creation we hope will help us live out these tensions and offer insights into understanding the call of the wild and the song of the wolf.

Death Practice

With Captain and Tessa

Death Practice is a communal encounter with dying, death, and the dead. Through experiential experiments and co-created ceremony, we turn to face the gate of this great mystery with courage and curiosity.

Some skills we will practice together: not-knowing, pretending-like, erotic embodiment, holding silence to listen for the ancestors. Grief in all its forms—including laughter, gratitude, and joy—will be an honored guest in our circle.

Our intention in embarking on this path is to give the spirits something beautiful to eat, and to find sustenance for our own human souls. If you love what is mortal and may someday die yourself, perhaps this path is for you.

Ecstatic Responsibilities – Tending the Witch’s Circle

With norabee & Able G.

As Priestesses in a Tradition that relies heavily on improvisation, it is easy to forget the potency and urgency of the basics: casting the circle, grounding, and raising energy. In this path we hope to deepen our relationships to the magic of ritual, exploring what is at stake in this embodied practice. We will draw from and emphasize the lore and techniques of the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft, building skills for strong and effective community priestessing.

Please note that while this is emphatically not an Elements of Magic path, we invite Witches, Priestesses, and Magic Workers at all stages of their personal evolution to join us in this work. We ask path participants to commit to attending at least two ritual planning meetings over the course of the week.

If you feel called to join us in this practice, please consider bringing a wand, an athame, and or/items for a communal altar.

Hearth Path

With burdock and oso

The Hearth is the heart of our camp. It is where we receive the abundance of the living Earth and work together to bless and transform it into nourishment to enliven our bodies and the magickal work of our gathering. Food gathers all spirits together to do what we have come here to do!

The Hearth calls us to sacred service and to a deeper connection with the sources of our nourishment. Working with food in this way, all the nutritional, medicinal and magickal qualities of these plant/animal/mineral beings come into us, transforming our relationship with those we eat to live. As we tend and serve forth from our communal cauldron with hospitality and love, we honor traditional labors and roles too often overlooked and undervalued.

Hearth Path is a mystery school and a skill-share for kitchen witches. We will honor and explore the tools, elements and alchemy of cooking: We will work with Center, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth throughout the week. All the wisdom of the elements will be influenced by the stories of the wolves, deer, trees, creatures, and river. We will be listening for their messages throughout the week and integrating them into our cauldron of intention.

We will learn practical tools and strategies for use at gatherings and in our own kitchens: Each morning we’ll practice skills for making magick and ritual, including stretching, breathing, building altars, ritual, trance-work, deep listening, sacred foolery, spellcrafting and setting intentions. We will be blessed with many hands and time together to lighten our work with sharing songs, reading aloud, conversation and the creative, magickal, playful side of cooking.

We welcome many ways of contributing to our Hearth, we want “All Hands in Hearth!” This includes Joyful Obligations shifts for Path and Affinity groups and drop-in help. For those called to Hearth Path, the requested commitment involves gathering after breakfast for a couple hours of path time, then making lunch together, plus helping with three other meals over the week. The first 16 people to join Hearth Path will get a fabulous handmade one-of-a-kind apron!

We are committed to holding our Hearth with play, spirit, fierceness and fabulosity! To those called to join us in the kitchen, welcome!

love and snax,
Burdock & oso

Returning Home – Energetic Sensing and Healing

With Rose May Dance, junebug and jacin glittrdirt

Like the wolves whose return to the mountain initiates a cascade that contributes to the restoration of their habitat, the act of returning to ourselves has effects that reverberate outward to help restore balance. This path focuses on honing our intuitions and enhancing our skills as engaged healers in this time of great change, crisis and possibility. We learn to sense, read and move energy, to heal and renew ourselves and each other. We also explore returning to ourselves by connecting with our bodies through movement and voice. Through this work may we become more joyful healers, compassionate and aware of the interconnectedness of all things.

No perquisites. All levels of healers are welcome!

Rites of Passage – Dreaming with the Song of the Land

With Ian and Alex

As witches, our capacity to shift consciousness at will is one of our most precious tools, and having many access points into our witchy sensing cannot be underestimated. Rites of Passage uses trance and dream spaces to envision possibilities, create new stories, and reclaim ourselves. As part of this path, you will be invited to dream both during sleep time, and into the story as the groundwater we share. We will move, sing, play, and create ritual together. We’ll emphasize practical techniques as well as mystical insights. There will be invitations to connect with mystery and one another, and to create new potentialities for our everyday lives, through our collective dreams and visions.

If you have never been in an intentional magical space before, yet are called to this path, come talk with us to discuss whether rites of passage is a good fit for you right now. All bodies and mobilities welcome.

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? – Restorying Wolves & Witches through Play, Story & Song

With Brenna Bell

This year’s Pixie Path – for the young and young at heart – will peer beyond the stories of dominant culture and work to understand who are the wolves? Who are the witches? What do they do? Are they really scary? We’ll learn through story, play and a bit of chaos, and together re-imagine a culture where wolves and witches are the heroes of the stories. Through this all, we’ll weave in learning about the basic elements of magic: earth, air, fire, water & spirit. Be prepared for the type of magic that comes from many small wonderful beings playing in nature while subtly undoing industrial capitalism.

Wolf Pack path

With Rain

and Co-facilitators: All participants

This path is modeled on the new moon magicke path of years past, and seeks to explore the enduring and arising questions and practices about: fluid leadership in sacred overland movement as a wolf pack, deep listening and responsiveness in co-created ecstatic personal and group ritual as it relates especially to unsettling work and healing the ancestral wounds of colonization and capitalism, dreaming as earth and taking sustenance and guidance from that for a beyond our lifetime vision, and praying with and for the waters of the these lands, and all lands as drought deepens here and elsewhere.

Intentions: To provide a path for folk who live in, are deepening into living, or are allied with the emergent magickal vision in SW Oregon to move in embodied prayer, and to practice linked magic from the wilder edges with the camp at Wolf Creek as we follow the arc of the theme and story in pilgrimage. Participants will leave the Sanctuary on Monday morning, as a pack, and return by Friday afternoon having completed a roughly 17 mile circumambulation of the Wolf Creek Sanctuary.

We will go to the edge of the dark, challenge our whole selves, embrace shadow, engage silence and mirth, storytell, spellcast and shapeshift, and discover more about our innate abilities to re-enchant the world as witches and priestesses of the Great Turning.

Pre-requisites: Pre-existing or intentionally committed relationship to SW Oregon

Pre-work: Advance contact and brief application/gatekeeping to assess compatibility with the path for registered campers. Short selected readings/videos about trophic cascade of wolves in ecosystems. Pre-camp call and at camp gear check.

Preparations: Physical strength training (walking with weight, etc..), acquire necessary gear, establish personal intention, acquire friction fire kit and practice with it, hand made offerings to give to the wilder.

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