Paths ’16

Some of the Magical Paths that will be offered 

Hearth Path

Pixie Path

The Living River and the Blood Waters: Water Witchery and Activism with Zay  Eleanor Watersong and Jude Elf

What are the tools we need to heal and protect ourselves and the waters of the world? What wisdom does water have to offer us as we flow through life and take a stand? How might we wear away the forces of oppression like water carves the landscape? How might we, with intention and prayer, craft spells to heal ourselves, The waters, And our world? Join us in a journey to the chalice well to explore our life’s work, wisdom from water, and practical magic and activism.  Through meditation, ritual, spell crafting, daily practice, music and song, art, storytelling, and connection to the flow of the blood river we will answer the call.

The Many Shapes of Ritual: developing our sacred tools for worlds-changing magic with Rylee and Teri Starnes

Ritual is big and small. Ritual is both the daily acts by which we set intention and anchor our lives, as well as the rites of passage by which we transcend what we know, reaching for new patterns and growth. According to Cynthea Jones, teacher and ritualist at Diana’s Grove: “Ritual is a multi-sensorial prayer that lays down new patterns in our souls.” Ritual is a radical act that captures magic and invokes change.

In this path we will embrace the sacred through multiple forms of ritual, and together develop skills to bring through our magic in service to Mystery. We will work with exercises and small rituals in path to learn the anatomy of ritual. From planning and intention setting to holding the ritual and afterward holding each other through feedback and support, we will use the elements to anchor our exploration of ritual as an act, a practice, and a shared tool of collective empowerment and action.

How do we practice ritual in our daily lives? What role does intention play in our ability to accomplish group work? Where does our power to make change in the world come from? What are the questions that draw you to this work and what are your personal intentions for doing this work?

We seek to empower ourselves as ritualists in service to the magic at hand. We ask path participants to commit to attending at least two evening ritual planning meetings over the course of the week. As we build our individual skills we give them back to the whole FCWC community magic of our evening rituals.

We will create a path altar dedicated to our commitment to the magic of ritual. If you feel called to join us in this practice, please consider bringing a sacred object or ritual tool to add to the altar. All abilities are welcome. If you have never been in an intentional magical space before, yet are called to this path, come talk with us to discuss whether The Many Shapes of Ritual is a good fit for you right now.

New Moon Culture Path with Catkin and Angela

This path is an invitation to strengthen your relationship with Spirit. We ask our wild selves to come forward as we interact with the living earth and each other. We open ourselves to the knowing in our bones, blood, daydreams and songs. This is a path where we ask ourselves what it is to be a human animal in this time and place. We listen to what comes through and allow ourselves to follow the impulses. This year we will be building on the harvests of previous years’ work in this path (everyone is welcome though) and there will be a special emphasis on experimenting with what is possible when we pray together.

A Path In Tactical Magic with Gobble, Moth and M

As witches we know that the material matters. Our bodies, the bodies of other living beings, the earth’s own body, all give and receive, breathing in and out, forming a link with one another and a pathway between the worlds. We also know that the struggle for justice, freedom and for survival in the face of war, hunger, oppression and ecocide calls out to us for direct action. It is our charge to use our magics and spirits in allyship with our political labor, our creative interventions and our bold actions.

A Path in Tactical Magic invites those who participate in collective struggle to explore how magic can be used to aid, empower and enspirit their work. We will discuss the mundane techniques of organizing campaigns and unveil the magic that is already embedded within. We will share magical tools and practices that can be integrated into actions. We will also train in  both psychic and embodied methods for heightening our self-awareness, moving collective energy and strengthening our self-defense. We will be working with Energy, Dreams, Invocations, Grounding, Trance, Invisibility, Glamour, Divination and Spellcasting.

This Path is intended for people familiar with Reclaiming magic and who have experience with collective organizing and direct action campaigns. We recognize the wide diversity in forms of resistance against Empire: for many of us, our mere survival is an example of this. Free Cascadia Witch Camp, and all of itspaths, offers tools and experiences that are invaluable to anyone engaged in these varied forms of resistance. This path is intended for those who are familiar with or actively involved in a specific form of collective, direct action based organizing. We invite you to contact us in advance to clarify whether thispath will benefit your work. We also welcome the Mystery as it is embodied in you and your desire to become this force in the world.

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