Paths ’13

Hearth Path

The Hearth is what we call our kitchen, and the Hearth path is for kitchen witches. The Hearth at our camp has always been a path of service – providing 3 meals everyday for well over 100 people with diverse diets and nutritional needs. In some ways it is the heart of camp and this year we intend to craft a container and an arc that will also serve those good people working hard within it.

We will honor and explore the tools, elements and alchemy of cooking: the chopping knives of the east, the cooking fire in the south, the water pitcher in the west, the good food in the north and the bubbling cauldron in the center. We will work together to utilize this magick for our empowerment, for understanding the art and value of our labour as well as for the good of everyone, making healthy, nourishing food that is full of blessings for the work we will all be doing over the week. Hearth path will be a tight, small group (a max of 12 people) who will be co-creating the path with some facilitation offered by the organizers to help focus our energy while we have our morning path time. We are imagining that this time in the morning will include some yoga and/or stretching, check-ins, building altars, ritual, trance-work, spell crafting and setting intentions for the day. We will be blessed to have so much time together, making our work lighter with our many hands, song, reading aloud to one another, conversation and the creative, magickal, playful side of cooking.

Make no mistake, committing to this path means holding down the hearth and giving more than the few hours in the morning required by the other paths. We will have our hooves in the dirt; working hard and getting shit done! We will be meeting every morning after breakfast for 1.5 hours to have focused, non-cooking woo time, beginning the magick that we will continue to weave into the food throughout the rest of the day with the help of folks from other paths who feel called to help in the kitchen. We welcome and value all kinds of participation in the Hearth, from core path folks, to honorary members (folks from other paths) and people contributing as a joyful obligation. If you are interested in this path please get in touch beforehand so we can talk in more detail about what’s involved.

Hearth Facilitators

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