Paths ’14

Hearth Path

With Aja, Stella Maris and Rabbit the Reaper

The Hearth is the heart of our camp. Through it we receive the abundance of the living Earth and work together to bless and transform it into nourishment that enlivens our bodies and the magickal work of our gathering. The aroma and beauty of the food feeds the spirits and draws them to our circle like children who smell pie in the oven.

The Hearth calls us to sacred service and to a deeper connection with the sources of our nourishment. Working with food in this way, all the nutritional, medicinal and magickal qualities of these plant/animal/mineral beings come into us, transforming our relationship with those we eat to live. As we tend and serve forth from our communal cauldron with hospitality and love, we honor traditional labours and roles too often overlooked and undervalued.

Hearth Path is a mystery school and a skill-share for kitchen witches. We will honor and explore the tools, elements and alchemy of cooking: the chopping knives of the East, the cooking fire in the South, the water pitcher in the West, the good food in the North. And in the Center, the bubbling Cauldron, container of sacred transformation, where all the elements combine to make magick possible.

We will also learn practical tools and strategies for use at gatherings and in our own kitchens: coming up with menus; estimating quantities; ordering and shopping; and getting meals on the table in a speedy, magickal and fabulous way.

Every morning we’ll learn skills and practices for making magick and ritual, including stretching, breathing, check-ins, building altars, ritual, trance-work, spellcrafting and setting intentions for the day. We will be blessed with many hands and time together to lighten our work with songs, reading aloud, conversation and the creative, magickal, playful side of cooking.

We welcome many ways of contributing to our Hearth, including Joyful Obligations shifts and drop-in help. For those who are called to Hearth Path, the requested commitment involves gathering after breakfast for about two hours of path time, then making lunch together, plus helping with two or three other meals over the week. The first 16 people to join Hearth Path will get a fabulous handmade one-of-a-kind apron!

We are committed to holding Hearth with fun, spirit and glamour. We welcome you who are called to join us in the kitchen!

xo AJA, Stella Maris, Sag and Burdock

Queer Pentacle

With Chuck and Ian

Grace, Initiation, Desire, Beauty, Self-Knowledge

In this path we will use the queer pentacle for a practice of running our life force, to deepen our authenticity and call forth liberation. We will employ ritual tools including chant, trance, divination, and creative projects as we work magic and explore our wild hearts.

While not a sex-oriented path, we will use touch and aim to open to expressions of our erotic energy among self, other, nature, spirit, mystery. We welcome any gender and sexual orientation; it is not necessary to self-identify as queer to join in this work.

Recommended prerequisite: Elements of Magic, Witchcamp, or equivalent experience. Be in touch with questions.

Radical Presence –
Daring to Wild-craft Ourselves in Whole Time

With Beverly Frederick and Jerry and…

How do we co-create Sacred Space with body, breath, voice, & rhythm that entices us to be both tender and bold, empowered and humble, reverent and hilarious? How do we drop into full acceptance of what is, so we may open to the feel & taste, rhythm and juicy possibilities of what can be?

This Path will explore how the bones of a ritual allow the body of the group to dance the magic of re-wilding ourselves into Whole People who claim our place in Whole Time. Our songs, dances, stories and ceremonies express all of who we are and honor the Greater Web that sustains us. We invite gratitude, fierce-wild love & an engaged eroticism with the Earth. Ours is a practice of activism & re-indigenation!

We’ll create a ritual map of listening, intention weaving, invocation, and rhythmic embodied improvisational entrainment to synch us into collective Deep Soul where Mystery emerges. We’ll then harvest our ritual experiences together.

We will hold space to embrace the parts of our relating and co-creating we have silenced or judged, peeling layers of wisdom from the Tree of Life to heal the wounds and traumas of the past and present, so that we can live well in this grief-joy soaked time of awakening, calling ourselves home as we re-member how to live breath-by- breath in Radical Presence.

Working the Wyrd –
Sensing Within and Without

With Rose May Dance & Jude Elf

As we loosen the threads that bind us down, we free ourselves from consensus reality and linear time. We engage in direct experience with our actual reality; opening the third eye, sensing kinesthetically,telepathically, and psychically. This is a path to learn to work with boundaries, chakras (energy centers), and auras (energy bodies)in ourselves, each other, and in groups. We will drop everything and do what’s happening, building our skills to do the right thing at the right time in each moment. We will gaze into the well, gather information,and- like the dancing Wu-Li Masters- learn to heal outside of time and place. This path further trains our intuition, opening to that part of us that is a perfect microcosm of the universe, that we may explore and expand, heal and renew.

Orlog, Storytelling, and Runic Fun with Little Pixies

With Glimmer, quinoa and maren ward

This is a Path for the little campers.  We also welcome those older campers who are allies to children and are interested in being in this Path. This Path will involve storytelling, and making up our own stories.  We will work as artists and we will play with runes.  As a facilitator team, we bring years of experience in in caring for and teaching young children. We bring whole time with us, as a young adult, a grandmother, a time traveler, and an experienced theatre director/activist/artist.  We love the 3 wryd sisters, and feel affection for the World Tree who we know loves to be climbed by little humans.

Weaving and Re/Membering

With Teri Ciacchi and Hali Ma

Join us as we weave a wearable work of art built by our visits with the Tree, the Well, and the Norns. As we develop our understanding of these potent symbols, we build our power and energy through spell work, singing, handicrafts, creative visualization, breath work, drumming and journeying, and myth/storytelling. We will learn grounding and anchoring skills to create a dynamic container that we will bring as a gift to the larger group rituals.

As we navigate through our experience, we invite you to ponder: What are you ready to let go of? How can you attend more deeply to the present now? Where do you wish to direct the future? In our focused path work. we will contemplate the Past, Present, and Future, tending to what calls to be nurtured and transformed. Like the Norns, we have the power to enhance our destiny, weaving through and remembering, our deepest and highest selves.

This path will be co-lead by Teri Ciacchi of Living Love Revolution and Hali Ma of Awakening the Wild Within.

New moon culture

With Scout and Angela

The new moon culture path is an exploration of group embodied magical
practice, with all participants encouraged to listen to spirit and act on
that information continuously. With a foot in the dying empire and the
other in the world we are co-creating, we make the most of the fertile
moment we find ourselves in. We pray, we ask for guidance, we send out our
intentions, and we celebrate the wildness in each of us.

Pluto Magic –
Restoration for the Wounded Healer

With Juniper Jucyfruit

Hello, I’m Juniper Juicyfruit, and I’m running the funk room, see! I will show you how to channel the Invincible Lover. This class is the sum total of all my efforts to walk my talk in my heart’s prayer, which is for the suppressed states upon humanity to be removed, and that the true magical selves in each human be freed from oppression. We will be bringing TLC to the darkest corners of our psyches, not with a mental approach, but through an avenue informed by our instincts and intuition. The great news about waking up is, you don’t have to go through all your shit with a fine tooth comb. You can surrender it and revisit it later on from a higher frequency.

We will be delving into the most taboo subjects of spirituality. We will be deepening our relationship to the Elements. We will be using magic to address the spells that keep us locked in our hips. We will be exploring our own unique relationship to the Divine. We will be clearing obstacles in the form of spells and trances limiting the divine within our own selves. We will be raising the roof up.

I’m highly sensitive person, a clairsentient, and an empath with trauma from this lifetime and traumas carried over from previous lifetimes. I have had to work for it. My inner peace, my sense of self, marinating in my own frequency, this has been hard-earned. I’ve been blessed with generous teachers, and I am ready to pay it forward and share the blessings I have gained. This class is a support to move through the stages of power from victim consciousness to unity consciousness. My purpose here is to hold space and empower you to claim the full potential of your magic, and to invoke the ecstatic bliss of the divine within you. This class will involve lots of vitamin F. (fun! that stands for fun! get your mind out of the gutter!)

I will be teaching you in the style of respecting your innate truth, and giving lots of space for that to come forward energetically. Sometimes all it takes is one person to believe in you. What I have to say is not for the faint of heart. You might find it offensive or controversial or triggering, but hey, that’s Pluto for you. Guaranteed, you will be standing stronger in your truth, power, and love as a gift of these triggers.

We will be claiming power left and right, and we will be practicing a whole lot of compassion and forgiveness that springs forth naturally once the vibration of the lie is removed. My path has involved being served up many a dish of humble pie. We will be calling upon the invisible realm for help, and reviewing how to engage Helpers through right use of will. I have a bone to pick with shame spells, and I’m going to show you how to illuminate, identity, locate and remove them. We will be doing some dancing, and I will be creating the safest space imaginable for you to unleash your wild animal of joy—but only if you feel like it. Please bring to camp 3 of your favorite songs that make your booty wiggle irresistibly.

Embodying the Elements

With Feral and Patricia

Calling all activists, mystics, newbies, burnouts and the Reclaiming curious! Bone, breath, belly, blood, being! Earth, air, fire, water, spirit are our foundation and our active allies in our work to transform ourselves and the world. The Elements are the foundation of our magickal practice and deepening your practical and personal relationship with them is vital at every stage of your journey. This path will build your magickal tool box, weaving skills from storytelling, theatre, science, trance, ecstatic practice and activism into a strong web to support your work. We explore and define ourselves, know our true work and manifest it in the world. Join us!

Sex, Money, and Sustainability

With Larkin Feral Forestheart and Briana Cavanaugh

How do these things come together? The intersection of sex and money speaks of taboos and the forbidden as well as the desired. The place of sustainability drives us on a deep level as activists and change makers. All of these confront society’s norms and our sense of self, other, and community. Sex, money and sustainability triggers our shadows, as well as a multitude of possibilities. Where these things come together are some of the most seductive, exciting and dangerous for ourselves, our politics, and our witchy lives.

Join Larkin Feral Forestheart and Briana Cavanaugh in a deep exploration of the places where the forbidden, the desired and the practical come together. We will explore these issues from many angles primarily experiential and in deep connection with ourselves and the earth. Come take a deep dive and explore with us!

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