Theme/Story ’13

Journey of the Compass: A Witch’s Tool

At its heart, The Journey of the Compass, is a magical process that calls us to use all of our senses in a self oriented, divintatory exploration of the cycles of deep time, and to do so from the place we find ourselves in right now. It is not a predetermined story, nor one that we can offer in anything other than the simplest of whispered hints, for the workings shall emerge when we come together. Mystery is our guide in learning what this tool is and how we shall use it each, and together. Each point offers us a reference to a cohort of energies, questions and spirits. At the essence of the magic we are opening to understand how to give over to those who will succeed us, a healthy and vibrant constellation of cultures that are woven with the rhythm of consciousness of the earth. We are tracing the lines of connection to create a great wheel of time, and putting our hands upon it, slowing it down so that we might listen and find deeper allegiance with our allies and guides in the work of the day.

The story is the journey of how we, a web of witches, dreamers, healers, activists and organizers, artists, dancers, lovers, gender-benders and so much more at the core of our beings, might use our own version of the ancient tool to make our ways in the world of now. This now, at the intersection of the Earth and Heaven, time and space, past and future, is where our magic is called into being.

Linguistically, the word compass comes to us from Middle English: compas (“a circle or circuit”), and from Latin: com (“together”) + passus (“pace, step, way or route”). Its history is embedded in an at least two thousand year old story of use for divination and orientation of the spirit, before it became a tool of conquest. In this time and place we invite ourselves to reorient this tool to guide us in a journey of circling a path together.

This journey is one in which we heal the wounded or broken lines of ancestral connections. It is one in which we nourish the learning of how to be in right relationship, with ourselves, each other, the land, the ancestors, and the descendants, who, spirit willing, will inherit a living world. This journey is guided by the stars of possibility, and invites the necessary gifts that each of us holds to come forth. How might we “step together”, round this compass, divining the pathway of memory, healing and liberation, at camp and beyond?

We shall endeavor to learn, respect and claim this tool with its cardinal points of:

The North / Land / Liberation:

What does the land need?

May our collective surrender deepen our sense of ecstatic connection with and as the land. Liberating the soft animals of our bodies awakens the unbridled freedom of wild, feral, and tended beings. Through embodying the land in ourselves. we might live in a way that remembers and honors our interdependence even in the depths of industrial civilization.

The East / Descendants / The Code:

What do the descendants need?

We desire to honor you by passing down wisdoms, values and tools that support resilient and regenerative cultures. While facing the spectrum of today’s great difficulties, we are challenged to reclaim and create ways of being in relationship that enable us to transform the oppressive systems we have inherited and live within. As we remember the wisdom of our ancestors we weave them with the present in order to pass on a healthier and more just culture for the future generations.

The South / Changemakers / Ace of Bottles:

What do the changemakers need?

In our work as activists, radicals and changemakers we are presented with the abundance of heart as our guide. Bringing together the water of our emotions and the fire of passion in our hearts, we work the magic of alchemy. Let us acknowledge our pain and anger, and our broken hearts while remaining open to the rest of the world and to our joys and pleasure. Let us open up to the energies of change that that are calling.

The West / Ancestors / Seeker of Bottles:

What do the ancestors need?

We listen for our roots and ancestral memories. We listen within our blood and bones to our dreams and songs. We listen for the wisdom of the old ways of living in reciprocal alliance with all life, so that we may wake up from the amnesia that disconnects us from ourselves and each other. May heal, restore and renew these connections and liberate our memories.

Center / Mystery / Chance:

What does mystery need?

In the place of mystery, we push the present moment open and find ourselves in a swirl of deep time magic, the past and the future widening out, dream time and time-space. The Stars of Possibility sing to awaken our memory, our hearts’ desires, and the healing of our lineages, and from this place we are able to take the risk of stepping fully into our mythic selves so that we can do the powerful work that calls us deeply. In this portal of merging, dancing time, a Great Re-membering beckons.

Want More?

This year’s theme and story was visioned into being at a weekend retreat. Organizers pulled cards from the Collective Tarot deck to receive guidance about how to unfold the theme and story for camp 2013. Learn more about the process, see the images of the cards and their meanings before the magic of camp begins here »

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