Theme and Story ’16

The Story of Water

Theme: Caring for the Waters of the World


From the birth of days, the Earth and the Waters have known and held each other.  An ancient dance, choreography of centuries, mutual aid across slowtime that ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows as Water encircles and infuses all life.


Our bloods are of the Waters and our spirits are borne upon the rivers of time.  Our bodies become droplets, riding on the winds, pulled by the force of need, always coming home.  Hand in hand we fall upon the Earth, finding the contours of the World That Is But Need Not Always Be.  I am here, landed in this concrete prison yard.  You have fallen on the soft sands of a riverbank.  She is caught upon the edge of an umbrella.  They are pouring down upon an open pit copper mine.  He is descended onto a broad leafed maple.  We that are the Water fall indiscriminately and bless all with our stormy embrace.


Down, down we travel.  Through humus and clay, rock and sand, carrying whispers of the world above.  We trace our way along the roots of trees, seeping deeper, through soil and bones, and find ourselves embraced by the ancestors of all life.  Holding out their earthen hands they gather us up and carry us softly to the banks of the River of Blood, where their spells ripple and flow.  The River of Blood flows deep below the surface of the earth, mixing collective wisdom and magic from the blood of all living ones between their lives. In the River we are lost, knowing only a swelling prayer of ancient memory, whispering always: Water Is Life.


The River of Blood carries us up out of the Spirit realm, together we are pulled, surfacing into the waking world.  A spring, a creek, a river: our bodies flow into one, our collective force deepens.  The creatures of the Earth gather at the waters, seeking nourishment and solace.  We offer ourselves up, knowing there is no way we can never find our way home.


Home!  The Ocean.  The beginning of the Earth.  What is this great mother that holds and remembers all?   We flow into her deep embrace and sense a love we have known since the beginning of time. We also feel the poisoning she suffers and seek to heal the wounds. Held in fierce love we draw upon the memory of All That Is And Ever Was and call to the life of the Oceans, may our songs and prayers feed them.


Floating in the quiet of the ancient seas, under the cool brightness of the Moon, our bodies woven together by twining, twisted strands of care, memory, and dedication.  Hearing the whispers of the Stars of Possibility, we turn our faces skyward to look and listen.  As dark turns into day, the Sun warms us, plies us with her fingers of lights.  Seductively draws us up and away.  Into the winds we become clouds, feeling the expanse of the web, one with everything. We that are the Water fall indiscriminately and bless all with our stormy embrace.



Note About The River of Blood– The River of Blood is the place where all the blood of all the living ones flows between lives and between use in their body. Just as all mammals are constantly cycling our blood through our bodies the earth which is our body is cycling our spirit blood and all red bloods share one river and all flow in our similarities between lives. We are united in our blood and we find that we have a shared cause in how we want the earth to be, ie if the oceans stopped producing oxygen that would be a problem for all of us. It’s a place for prayers. It’s a place for listening.

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