What to Bring to Camp ’13

General supplies: There are so many things that make our camp run! If you have these things to share, they would be so appreciated:

  • Fire wood
  • Biodegradable soap
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Large tarps

Kitchen/Hearth: Free Cascadia WitchCamp runs own kitchen that will feed the whole camp, and are always in need of good kitchen supplies. As per our commitment to the earth, we are doing the best we can to source local and organic ingredients for our food.

The kitchen is looking real good so far in terms of equipment, the few things that would be nice to have along with our already awesome kitchen set up are:

  • chef knives the more the merrier
  • more large cutting boards to go along with the knives
  • graters
  • silver bowls, all sizes, we have some but different sizes are helpful in the prep-dance
  • propane tanks that you no longer need
  • large coolers and storage containers, and ice
  • a few more large pots-anything you hear calling from your kitchen the week or night or day before you leave that hauntingly moans “taAaAaaaake MeeeeEEeee!!” We’re sure it will find a reason for having come along on the adventure, upon arrival.
  • Coffee, Tea, Honey – please be aware that our budget may not include these items, and they are very welcome if you want to bring them to share with community.
  • and if anyone happens to have an enormous paddle layin around they are always nice to have for various reasons…

There have been a lot of questions to the tune of “what do i bring?” in terms of food- stuffs. We are taking care of the bulk order, a lot of staples and such are already being brought. And whatever you want to bring along, we will use, bottom line, so don’t be shy bout it. If there is something that you really enjoy eating, bring a bunch of it! Many folks are bringing rice, bean lentils and such, so we encourage to think outside of the carb and legume box!

There is no menu, just organic combination of resource, intention and intuition. what we really need are the flourishes, the treats, the pieces of wonderment that make co-creating in the kitchen (and ultimately eating the food) that much more celebratory.

What makes your mouth water? what makes you feel nourished and full, cared for and energized? When you envision our hearth in the woods what do you see on the tables? Ferments? Nuts? Fruit? Spices? Sauces? Fresh Herbs? Dressings? Coffee? Herbal or mushroom teas?

If anyone is called to create a special dish they would like to gift the community, bring the fixins and work it! There are so many ways to be involved in the hearth, and as long as you wash your hands constantly and don’t lay down in the middle of the flow of the kitchen talking to a carrot or some other prep you dropped for hours, about life, the universe and everything, I’m sure the kitchen tops will accommodate your desires around involvement to the best of their abilities…

If you have heavy things that you are hesitant to bring, don’t be! We have a kitchen vehicle that will be driving in and out of the site directly and will be able to bring all things directly to the kitchen.

Also there where be a kitchen alter set up so if you are called to bring a sacred for this slice of wonderment, don’t hesitate.

Meals: We attempt to offer 3 hearty meals a day. This may depend upon actual donations of food and or funds for Hearth at camp. Beings who like lots of food are encouraged to donate or bring their own extra snacks. We will be having a  mostly vegan/vegetarian kitchen, and are open to donations of consciously sourced meat. Our communal kitchen will not provide much space for individual meal preparation, priority given to those with medical dietary restrictions. We will do our best to fulfill every one’s dietary requirements.

Wellness: The Wellness and Culture Working Group invites your connection to and support of the Well Space for healing, rest, and rejuvenation. The Well is both a magical and physical place for individuals and groups to activate healing and wellness in a variety of modalities. We seek individuals that can offer support or expertise in the following arenas:

  • Healing •Medical / First Aid / Emergency Response •
  • Conflict Exploring / Mediating
  • Counseling / Co-Counseling / Advocacy
  • Massage / Body Work •
  • Reiki / Energetic healing.

Our wish list for the Well:

  • Medium to Large Empty Spray Bottles
  • Extra tents (bigger in size for offering privacy for first aid and different healing modalities)
  • Tarps to string for open-air shelter, rope/cord for stringing
  • Pillows, Blankets, Tapestries
  • Other aesthetic/decorative items: chimes, etc…
  • First aid supplies including: Latex and non-latex gloves, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Bandaids, 4x4s, roller gauze, Ace Bandage, Alcohol wipes
  • Bulk electrolyte mix
  • Herbal Medicines and Teas
  • Dr. Bronner’s Soap and basin for hand wash
  • Tea kettle and cups
  • Drinking water container for on-site
  • Wheelchair
  • Crutches
  • Sunscreen (non toxic if possible)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Massage table or chair
  • Condoms and dental dams and lube. Nitrite gloves.
  • Tissues
  • Two way radios for communication, re-chargeable batteries and battery charger

Suggested Packing List:

  • (most of these are suggestions. In bold are requirements)
  • Water bottle – We will have a filtration system, but you may have to store water for peak usage times. On second thought, bring an extra bottle.
  • Personal Dishes (cup, plate, bowl, utensils) You will absolutely have to have your own dishes.
  • Tent (something water and bug proof)
  • Warm sleeping bag, pillow and ground pad / air mattress
  • Multiple layers of clothing – weather can range from hot to freezing — cold rain is possible
  • Practical hiking footwear.
  • Personal biodegradable toiletries – all water drains into the creek
  • Toilet paper
  • Towel
  • Tarps, umbrella, and other shade/rain device.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Bag to carry stuff with you all day
  • Insect repellent and herbal remedies
  • Chair or camp stool for back support (The ground will be available)
  • Foods-for your snacking and special needs. If you are bringing food, be prepared to store your food in an animal safe fashion as there will not be room to store it in the kitchen.
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Journal and pens / pencils
  • Musical instruments and songs to share
  • Ritual attire, magical tools and altar items
  • Self-expression and a sense of humor
  • Sunscreen for clothing optional times if you need it
  • Respectful attitude and open heart
  • Food: Bulk Coffee, Honey, things to spread on bread, special treats, (consciously sourced)
  • Ritual-space-making materials: fabrics, chimes, etc.
  • Whatever you want to share
  • There is a need for extra camping supplies. If anyone can provide extra equipment please post to the google group.
  • Make a donation.

What to leave at home:

  • Alcohol and non-prescription drugs
  • Firearms and other weapons

Animal Companions and Pets: This year’s camp space has a resident dog. In light of this, we kindly as that you leave your animal companions at home. In addition to this is the vital and sensitive ecosystem that we will be residing in, which is home to many wild creatures, and we’d like to impact this as little as possible. The Free Cascadia WitchCamp team is aware that some campers travel with animal companions and familiars, and as well, aware that many campers may have fears and concerns about safety, as well as concerns about the potential for disruption of Ritual, Path and of course Rest, by unruly, loud, or threatening animals. We wish to be inclusive of all beings, and recognize that non-sapiens species can also enhance the experience of camp for many, but not all, folks attending. In this Spirit, we ask that those of you who feel or have the need to bring animal companions or pets to camp, to consider carefully your needs versus your desires around bringing non-sapiens to camp, and to be aware that the possibility exists that you may be asked to sequester your pet should conflict arise around their presence.  Guide dogs are more then welcome to attend camp.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices: An interesting feature of this years camp is that there is reception over the entire site. In the interest of keeping the container strong and to foster our connection with the wild, we ask that you leave your cell phones at home, in your locked car, or turned off in your tent (in case you need to use it for an alarm) There has been talk of having a cell phone zone, much like the smoking area, for those of us who feel the need to stay in touch in that particular way. This is a new situation and is very open to co-creation from you. Perhaps a great discussion will ensue over the google group.

External Intoxicating Substances (EIS): One of the agreements we ask people to keep at this camp is to refrain from using External Intoxicating Substances (EIS) in common spaces (including path, workshops, and ritual), and/or attend these spaces under their influence. This agreement works for us for a number of reasons: this camp is a program in teaching magic, “the art of changing consciousness at will.” From our perspective, learning to shift and change our state of awareness at will takes focus and concentration, and requires a clear state of consciousness as a starting point. Blending our awareness and raising energy together in ritual flows easier when consciousness isn’t pre-altered by chemicals or alcohol. Out of respect for the intensity of the spiritual and healing work we do here, we encourage participants within the circle of camp to engage in the transformational work of changing consciousness at will without the use of EIS.

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