Registration for 2017 is closed

Registration is now closed.

Thank you for your interest in and support of our camp! We have closed our registration at this time and still we value your magic.

Please click here, to fill out the Camper Essay/Camp Experience Feedback for both current campers and camp community. Even if you’re not attending camp we’d love to hear from you.



The Witches, Activists, Organizers, and Visionaries of Free Cascadia Witchcamp will gather in Cascadia June 22-28, 2017 to make magic and ritual, weave new dreams, and co-create the world we want to live in.

Every summer for the last twelve years, witches and activists and activist-witches have gathered together in the Cascadia bioregion. Free Cascadia WitchCamp is a place people can attend regardless of economic status. It’s a place where magical change-making resides at the center of our circle; it’s a camp close to our hearts. Although we gather for just a week, the invitation extends into the rest of our lives.

Registration is required to attend this gathering and our location is announced only to registered campers. Registration opened May 7 and closed May 10

In the past, we have had a two-tiered registration process. This year, we are simplifying the process by having one registration period and having folks designate their priority status on the registration form.


We are changing our registration just for this year in response to clear feedback and insights we have received since last year’s camp.

  • This year the organizers have decided to cap enrollment at 80 people including organizers and campers but not facilitators and their support people. This is significantly lower than previous years.
  • Instead of having essay questions as part of registration, there will be a submission space on the website available to anyone, whether or not they are coming to camp. This will be a place to submit visions, wishes, dreams, and more for FCWC 2017 and future witchcamps. In your submission, you can state whether you’d like your words annonymously included in a zine made available at this year’s camp.
  • We are going to have one enrollment period for everyone, and in the registration form folks will self designate themselves if they are in any of our priority categories:
    • Elders (folks over 40 in our community)
    • People of color and Indigenous Folks
    • Families (campers under 18 will not be counted in the 80 cap)
    • Trans Femmes
    • Folks with Disability/Access needs
    • Camp Memory Holders (folks who have previously taught, organized, held major roles at freecamp and/or have attended for a number of years)

Due to the 80 camper cap only priority reg campers are expected to be accepted as they are skipped to the top of the list. We will be giving preference to returning priority campers in the case that priority registration fills beyond our cap, and we ask that no non-priority reg first-time campers apply.


We hope to notify everyone by the first week of June that they will be joining camp this year. As we get closer to camp, we will include specific directions and camp location. 

Registration Reasoning

Free Cascadia Witchcamp has committed to a Radical Access Statement. This was created through a process of community discourse, self examination and education around accessibility issues in our community. In an effort to realize Free Cascadia Witchcamp’s (FCWC) value of Radical Access, we intentionally welcome a diversity of ages, sexual orientations, races, gender identities, classes, dis/abilities, spiritual experiences and heritages, histories  and legacies of oppression. Radical Access means designing our camp, our systems and our Magick so that we welcome a plethora of needs, because we know diversity is central to our resilience as a community and to our activism in the world.

Freecamp has been a place where we intend to welcome all who make it into our circle. We have also been talking and working to examine who feels called to come and why, how our patterns of invitation and inclusion are limited, and we are trying to be more upfront about this work. We are in the slow work of learning to deconstruct and dismantle white supremacy, while still putting on camp. Our practices are not perfect and we are inviting change. As it is, some people are more welcomed, more comfortable and more centered at camp than others. We are predominantly white and practicing the radical edge of Reclaiming magic that has strong european roots. We are predominantly youthful adults, with only a few elders and a handful of pixies. As a camp we make steps each year to support and center our friends and community members with different access needs, and still there are ways we are reproducing what we have learned in the overculture. We want to unsettle and unspell the racism of white supremacy and settler colonialism, as well as patriarchy and capitalism.

This year’s camp will be a place for the continuation of these dialogues, a place to change camp culture. We invite you to ask yourself how these questions have sat for you in previous years? How does the work of camp mirrors other aspects of your life? We know you are a powerful being and we invite your magic into this work. We will be using camp to deepen into the identity of camp and what it wants to become. We envision having greater space at camp to sink into ourselves, into each other and the land, will feed and nurture these conversations and magic. What will come from a co-created space of conversation, passion, courage and spirit? We open to not-knowing.

Please read our letter to the community for more context.

Original Art Work by Amara - Holding Tree
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