Camp Agreements

At Free Cascadia Witchcamp, we strive to create a camp culture that embraces

  • consent
  • personal autonomy aligned with social responsibility
  • harmony with the earth

To attend Free Cascadia Witchamp, we ask you to commit to the following agreements.

I agree to:

  • Arrive on time and attend for the entire week – from opening to closing ritual
  • Not to engage in acts of violence, verbal aggression, threats or intimidation at Free Cascadia Witchcamp.
  • Treat my fellow campers at camp with respect and dignity.
  • Be respectful in every form of my communication: verbal, non verbal, energetic, written, etc.
  • Respect the diversity, sacred spaces, privacy, and culture of the camp and fellow campers. Please refer to the Radical Access and Liberation Statement for additional perspectives on this.
  • Honor boundaries that are clearly communicated to me, and ask for clarification if I am uncertain about a boundary.
  • Take responsibility for myself, communicate my boundaries and needs as clearly as possible,  ask for help when it is needed and understand that the answer offered to requests may be a yes, a maybe or a no. Recommendations on how to access help are given in the Conflict Engagement and Exploration Protocol.
  • Participate fully and contribute my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual energies to the best of my abilities.
  • Help maintain the integrity of the container in a way that strengthens and supports our individual and collective magics.
  • Abide by the established consensus process while participating in any/all camp decision making processes, and if I am not familiar with the Free Cascadia Camp consensus process, I will either, be responsible for learning it before participating in decision making, or choose to witness and abstain from the decision making process. Learn more about  our consensus process »
  • Refrain from using External Intoxicating Substances (EIS) in common spaces (including path, workshops, and ritual), and/or attending these spaces under their influence.*

* Out of respect for the intensity of the spiritual and healing work we do at camps, we encourage participants within the circle of camp to engage in the transformational work of changing consciousness at will without the use of external intoxicating substances. We are committed to fostering accessible self-responsible communities, supporting people who are in recovery and/or working with the challenges of addiction.

  • Not to photograph or record rituals
  • Not to photograph or record without the permission of all who might be in the frame

Because of fire danger, there are designated areas for smoking.

I commit to participate in the agreed upon Conflict Engagement and Exploration Protocol »

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